Safe & sound !

Hi all,after a very looooong Sunday/Monday we arrived here in Samos after a rather dramatic yet touching send off from our neighbours with a very personal pyrotechnic show !The weather is mildly warm but you get the feeling tht before too long it will be very warm.Steve ~: )

Leaving For Greece Drinks

Steve & I really wanted to send a huge thanks from us both to everyone who came to the leaving drinks last night:John & JenAsh & PamIrene & TomTash & MariosTim & EmmaJulian & ChristineHannahMark & GemmaGoose & NicBeth & OliJohnKateChrisTiffLauren & LeeHeather & MartinJennie & SimonSimonHolly & JackCrikey, having just written that list I…… Continue reading Leaving For Greece Drinks

Papa Roach and Moving

Change or Die by Papa RoachI went to my last gig before I leave for Greece on Saturday just gone, four of us piled into the car and drove to Birmingham to see Papa Roach, and what a FANTASTIC gig it was! Papa Roach are very much my Unsung Heroes. In the last decade their…… Continue reading Papa Roach and Moving

Bon Voyage Drinks

Thanks for the great response we’ve had so far! We’re really excited about this blog and keeping it going while we’re in Greece!For those who can make it we’re having drinks at The Crown Inn in St Nick’s Market in Bristol on Friday 24th April (next week) from 7.30pm, hope to see as many as…… Continue reading Bon Voyage Drinks

Barbara J Hunt – Play My Heart

I first encountered Barbara J Hunt in the cinema when I went to see Confetti on it’s release in 2006. She appears at the end of the film playing her song ‘King of My Heart’ (on the album) at the nudist wedding. About a year later I saw Barbara J Hunt play live and thoroughly…… Continue reading Barbara J Hunt – Play My Heart


In preparation for our move to Samos on the 28th April, Steve and I have decided to start this blog, with it we will keep everybody up to date on our news and photographs while we are away!Please subscribe and be kept up to date with what is going on with us during the six…… Continue reading Welcome

Moving Mania

Let Go by Frou FrouI’m just over two-weeks away from moving to Greece for 6 months working in the sun with Steve. We can’t wait to go and can’t wait to start a new life in a new environment. However, right now things are MANIC! I have another week and half before I finish work…… Continue reading Moving Mania

Sound of Madness

Sound of Madness by Shinedown (lyrics)I have recently started listening to this song a LOT! I felt a connection to it but couldn’t quite put my finger on it, then this weekend I listened to the lyrics really closely and realised why and it hit me really hard. The song is saying that you can’t…… Continue reading Sound of Madness

Happy Mother’s Day

Evanescence – Bring Me To LifeIt’s Mother’s Day in the UK today, I wanted to pick a song for my inspiration which reflected my taste and my Mum’s, which got me thinking about my Mum and all the times I’ve been told that something I’m listening to is ‘noisy rubbish’. I can’t expect much more,…… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day

She Knows – Just Jinger

I fell in love with this song when I first heard it, not only is it a beautiful song but the words are perfect and to me encompassed what a perfect love would be like.Meeting my fiance fulfilled that, I now hear this song and I think of him, of the love he offers me…… Continue reading She Knows – Just Jinger

Breathe (2AM) – Anna Nalick

This song means an awful lot to me. It was first introduced to me by a very good friend of mine who lives in Oklahoma. We met via our blogs back in 2004 and now have a very good and very close friendship. She recommended this song to me just before we first met in…… Continue reading Breathe (2AM) – Anna Nalick

Musical Musings

“Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul” – PlatoI’ve been planning to start writing more for a long time, like a lot of people there’s always an excuse why I can’t, but I finally pulled myself out of my creative slump and started putting together a new blog. My…… Continue reading Musical Musings

Jacanda – Skimming Stones

Skimming Stones is the latest offering from Bristol-based band Jacanda. The album is complete heart and soul from beginning to end. The use of acoustic guitar, rich vocals and melodic sax throughout the album all contribute to a wonderful 40 minutes of listening time. There’s a definite feel of Crowded House and Pete Yorn about…… Continue reading Jacanda – Skimming Stones

Transition – Three Bridges

Transition is a three-piece band based in Bristol, already popular in Asia. Three Bridges is their second album (they also have a third acoustic album available on limited edition).The CD has a great sound, is really catchy and good upbeat pop-rock. They cite U2 as one of their influences on their MySpace page and this…… Continue reading Transition – Three Bridges

Run and Hide EP – The Goodness

The Goodness are one of the bands who have grown out of Remix, the Council’s scheme to encourage young musicians. They’re part of this year’s Teenage Rampage Tour which means that someone out there likes them, this annual tour tends to have what is considered the crème de la crème of young bands touring to…… Continue reading Run and Hide EP – The Goodness

Alfie Kingston – Creatures & People’s Ways

Alfie Kingston is one of the names that is well known on the Bristol music scene, most who know Alfie know his passion for music, especially his own! Alfie’s debut album Creatures & People’s Ways is about to be released on iTunes not only here in the UK but also in the good ol’ USA!…… Continue reading Alfie Kingston – Creatures & People’s Ways

Two Thousand Trees Festival 2007

After doing the interview with James, one of the organisers of Two Thousand Trees it was just too tempting not to go and see the festival with my own eyes. So I packed up the tent and drove to Upcote Farm in Cheltenham to experience the first ever Two Thousand Trees Festival.On arrival the weather…… Continue reading Two Thousand Trees Festival 2007

2000 Trees Festival – An Interview

Another festival hits the South West this month but this one’s a little different to the more mainstream ones we’re used to seeing and going to. The 2000 Trees Festival is a non-commercial, environmentally focussed and all about the music. I’ve been speaking with one of the organisers, James, who’s told me a bit about…… Continue reading 2000 Trees Festival – An Interview

Fortune Drive at Download

This year’s Download was a must for me and there are so many bands I saw that I could write about for hours just based on their Download performances but the one band who deserve a Bristol Rocks mention are our own local lads Fortune Drive.I’ve seen Fortune Drive play most of Bristol and Bath’s…… Continue reading Fortune Drive at Download

Download Festival 2007

June saw rock music lovers from all over the country descend on Donington Park for three days of bands playing the fifth Download Festival. This year saw bands such as Iron Maiden, Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson, Papa Roach and Evanescence as well as regular demonstrations from the Red Bull X-Riders.Bristol band Fortune Drive also played.…… Continue reading Download Festival 2007

Bloody Tourists – KINK

Bloody Tourists are a Bath based band who formed in 2005 and aside from being signed a year later are making waves in Europe and the States. KINK is their debut album and is completely what you’d expect from a band with record company and promoter backing.They describe themselves on MySpace as Pop Punk and…… Continue reading Bloody Tourists – KINK

Famous Bristol Musicians – Onslaught

Pretty much anybody in Bristol who likes thrash will have heard of Onslaught. Formed in 1983 they were signed 1984, by 1988 they had three albums some line-up changes behind them and in 1991 it looked like the end of Onslaught for good. Almost 15 years later, they find out one of the albums was…… Continue reading Famous Bristol Musicians – Onslaught

Phil King & Julia Biel at The Fleece

Julia Biel made a trip out of London to come do this gig at The Fleece. Julia won the Perrier Vocalist of the Year Award in 2000 and her reputation definitely preceded her to Bristol for being an act not to miss. Her sound is one of mixed genre’s a gritty soul voice put against…… Continue reading Phil King & Julia Biel at The Fleece

The Phonemes – There’s Something We’ve Been Meaning To Do

Hailing from Toronto and full of acoustic harmonies and beautiful sounds The Phonemes have released this album, their first full-length CD, There’s Something We’ve Been Meaning To Do. The album is reminiscent of an indie film soundtrack. The Phonemes have produced an album which enchants and ensnares it’s listener.“Oh I met a man, who thought…… Continue reading The Phonemes – There’s Something We’ve Been Meaning To Do

Sahara Hotnights – What Is Leaving Is A Loving Thing

The fourth album from Swedish band Sahara Hotnights is a mix of genres, a melodic, tantalising taste of what this band is capable of. They’ve not written for a certain audience, or with a certain genre in mind but mixed and matched with what their song writing can give them. Visit To Vienna opens the…… Continue reading Sahara Hotnights – What Is Leaving Is A Loving Thing

Clumsy – Gig @ Mr Wolf’s – 17 March 2007

This is the first time I’ve been to Mr Wolf’s for a gig, I’m normally one of those pop in at lunch times to grab some of their great noodles type person! Knowing that Clumsy were playing gave me good reason to head down and experience my first Mr Wolf’s gig. Clumsy were performing with…… Continue reading Clumsy – Gig @ Mr Wolf’s – 17 March 2007

JinxRemover – ‘Spitfire’

This is the second album from Jinxremover. A band that were previously known under the guise of Airbus. The CD cover is professional as is the recording and the whole thing smacks of a band who are pushing themselves onwards and upwards. The album starts with some great guitar riffs on Intro To Nothing, making…… Continue reading JinxRemover – ‘Spitfire’

Decoys Limited edition CD

The first thing that struck me when I listened to this CD was how Oasis-like the sound was. The sound is raw like early-Oasis, although the production on the CD is left wanting a little something extra, I didn’t feel it was quite up to scratch, hopefully this is something that will be remedied on…… Continue reading Decoys Limited edition CD

Famous Bristol Musicians – Portishead

I would make a guess that there are very few people anywhere who haven’t heard of Portishead…even my poor, ignorant to all things music, Mum, has heard of them (I did test this theory and was right!). This is the first of the ‘famous’ profiles I’ve been given to write and to say I was…… Continue reading Famous Bristol Musicians – Portishead

Album Review: UTM – Mutagenesis

Review of Mutagenisis by UTM

Lastwind – Monster Trucks

Lastwind is essentially a one man band. He works mainly on musical samples for TV adverts and the like and with other bands/artists either on their tracks or developing his own. The CD up for review is Monster Trucks. This isn’t the normal run of the mill CD I’d expect. Initially the artwork gave me…… Continue reading Lastwind – Monster Trucks

Panic Number CD Review – From the Low

Panic Number formed about a year ago previously having been seen in a different carnation known as Submatrix. From The Low is their debut album and the band have engineered, produced and mixed the whole thing themselves…and quite impressively too. The album starts with the very electric sounding Stay. A piece of music which sounds…… Continue reading Panic Number CD Review – From the Low

Metamorphis CD Review

Metamorphis are a band from Clevedon, despite their tender ages they’ve already been together 4 years first forming when they were only 11 and joining comprehensive school. They’ve worked hard on putting this self-titled CD together and it shows. The artwork is well-designed and looks extremely professional, and I felt that it really reflects the…… Continue reading Metamorphis CD Review

Benita Johnson – Stars & Fireflies

When I saw that I had a CD by Benita Johnson to review I was dead happy! I’ve seen Benita play several times and always thoroughly enjoy her sets. As a result I had high hopes for this CD. Unfortunately the CD doesn’t do Benita justice. In all honesty it’s a shame because Benita truly…… Continue reading Benita Johnson – Stars & Fireflies

MySpace Valentine’s Party – 17 February 2007

Last night we trekked over to Bath for the MySpace Valentine’s Party. This is a concept for musicians who have met through MySpace to play together. I have to say it’s a great concept and a great way to see new local acts! When we arrived the main room hadn’t started so we headed downstairs…… Continue reading MySpace Valentine’s Party – 17 February 2007

Jacanda – Back To The Sky

I find it hard to believe that Jacanda have only formed 13 months ago. The quality of songs on this CD is just amazing for a band formed for such a short time. There is very little I can say about the album other than beautiful. It’s full of beautiful songs, beautiful musical arrangements and…… Continue reading Jacanda – Back To The Sky

The Brent Flood – EP

This self-titled EP is a great introduction to this London based indie-rock band. From the opening lyrics of Heavy Petting through to the closing lyrics of Beverley the addictive voice of lead singer Jay Marsh keeps you wanting more. Heavy Petting is just one of those songs that everybody is going to love. If this…… Continue reading The Brent Flood – EP