Panic Number CD Review – From the Low

Panic Number formed about a year ago previously having been seen in a different carnation known as Submatrix. From The Low is their debut album and the band have engineered, produced and mixed the whole thing themselves…and quite impressively too. The album starts with the very electric sounding Stay. A piece of music which sounds…… Continue reading Panic Number CD Review – From the Low

Metamorphis CD Review

Metamorphis are a band from Clevedon, despite their tender ages they’ve already been together 4 years first forming when they were only 11 and joining comprehensive school. They’ve worked hard on putting this self-titled CD together and it shows. The artwork is well-designed and looks extremely professional, and I felt that it really reflects the…… Continue reading Metamorphis CD Review

Benita Johnson – Stars & Fireflies

When I saw that I had a CD by Benita Johnson to review I was dead happy! I’ve seen Benita play several times and always thoroughly enjoy her sets. As a result I had high hopes for this CD. Unfortunately the CD doesn’t do Benita justice. In all honesty it’s a shame because Benita truly…… Continue reading Benita Johnson – Stars & Fireflies

MySpace Valentine’s Party – 17 February 2007

Last night we trekked over to Bath for the MySpace Valentine’s Party. This is a concept for musicians who have met through MySpace to play together. I have to say it’s a great concept and a great way to see new local acts! When we arrived the main room hadn’t started so we headed downstairs…… Continue reading MySpace Valentine’s Party – 17 February 2007

Jacanda – Back To The Sky

I find it hard to believe that Jacanda have only formed 13 months ago. The quality of songs on this CD is just amazing for a band formed for such a short time. There is very little I can say about the album other than beautiful. It’s full of beautiful songs, beautiful musical arrangements and…… Continue reading Jacanda – Back To The Sky

The Brent Flood – EP

This self-titled EP is a great introduction to this London based indie-rock band. From the opening lyrics of Heavy Petting through to the closing lyrics of Beverley the addictive voice of lead singer Jay Marsh keeps you wanting more. Heavy Petting is just one of those songs that everybody is going to love. If this…… Continue reading The Brent Flood – EP