Boxed Up: BuddyBox @BlurtAlerts

Welcome to the second edition of Boxed Up! I’m very excited about this one, when Blurt first announced they were releasing a subscription box the mental health community buzzed and every single person I know who gets one loves it. Now that I have received one I can absolutely see why people can’t get enough…… Continue reading Boxed Up: BuddyBox @BlurtAlerts

Boxed Up: Literary Vacation Club @literaryvacay

Welcome to the first edition of Boxed Up! I will be honest, when I came up with this concept I did thing nobody else would buy into it and the idea would fall flat on it’s face…you know how it is when anxiety gets a grip on an idea! Luckily I pursued it and one…… Continue reading Boxed Up: Literary Vacation Club @literaryvacay