The Diagnosis of Psychiatric Conditions

Anybody who has been part of the mental health system for any period of time knows that diagnosis is a complicated and not always a permanent situation. I’ve blogged before about how despite recognising myself as Bipolar, because this is the diagnosis most often used by my various psychiatrists, I have been given other diagnosis…… Continue reading The Diagnosis of Psychiatric Conditions

Why Online Friends Are Important To Me

Reblogged post from Jenny in Neverland about online friendships and why they are important.

Why Snail Mail Rocks

Writing letters is enjoyable and relieves stress and depression, this is my journey and how I rediscovered the power of letter writing.

Positive Outlooks

A post about finding positivity when you don’t really feel it.

The Power of Social Media

The story of love discovered via social media…no catfish involved!

Make Your Soul Sing

How a friend’s blog post inspired me to find inspiration from life and art.


Friendships, the types of friendships I have and how they can affect my mental health.


Bitch by Meredith Brookes OK so aside from being my number one karaoke pick this song title is pretty much how I feel about myself the last few days. I have a friend who is currently going through a really tough time and me being the person that I am I want to help her,…… Continue reading Bitch