The Diagnosis of Psychiatric Conditions

Anybody who has been part of the mental health system for any period of time knows that diagnosis is a complicated and not always a permanent situation. I’ve blogged before about how despite recognising myself as Bipolar, because this is the diagnosis most often used by my various psychiatrists, I have been given other diagnosis…… Continue reading The Diagnosis of Psychiatric Conditions

Why Online Friends Are Important To Me

Originally posted on Jenny in Neverland:
When I started book blogging, over 2 years ago now, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t really fully understand what blogging – dedicated blogging – entailed and I wasn’t aware of how big the whole blogging community was. I’ve met a ton of people online; bloggers…

Why Snail Mail Rocks

Writing letters is enjoyable and relieves stress and depression, this is my journey and how I rediscovered the power of letter writing.

Positive Outlooks

A post about finding positivity when you don’t really feel it.

The Power of Social Media

The story of love discovered via social media…no catfish involved!

Make Your Soul Sing

How a friend’s blog post inspired me to find inspiration from life and art.


Friendships, the types of friendships I have and how they can affect my mental health.


Bitch by Meredith Brookes OK so aside from being my number one karaoke pick this song title is pretty much how I feel about myself the last few days. I have a friend who is currently going through a really tough time and me being the person that I am I want to help her,…… Continue reading Bitch