The Trouble with Mental Health Memes

How mental health memes can upset your mental health.


Given Cause to Doubt Your Own Intentions

The emotionally draining effects of dealing with being harassed by cyber-bullies.

Why Snail Mail Rocks

Writing letters is enjoyable and relieves stress and depression, this is my journey and how I rediscovered the power of letter writing.

Just What is it About Ingress?

Why playing Ingress has helped me improve my Mental Health.

A Sad Day for Mental Health

The news that a majority Conservative Government have won the election, is not good news for the mental health community.

The Power of Social Media

The story of love discovered via social media…no catfish involved!

A Suicide Story

When the public turn on people with mental illness for being suicidal who is to blame?


Friendships, the types of friendships I have and how they can affect my mental health.

A Return To Blogging

Why I’ve returned to blogging, an update on my recent crisis.

Journaling vs Blogging

My push pull relationship between journaling and blogging.

Becoming an Anti-Social Advocate

My steps towards becoming anti-social-media